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Digital Spring Cleanup

On March 20 we celebrated the official first day of spring. Spring is often the time of year we clean junk out of our homes and offices; so why not do the same with computers? Here are a few spring cleaning tips we are sharing with staff but they can also be used for your home computers as well.

Just like old junk, old emails can take up valuable space in our email system. It’s important to identify old emails that are no longer necessary and delete them to free up space.

Ask yourself these questions:

• Do you have an application that you no longer use? If so, uninstall it.
• Is your internet moving slowly? Delete temporary internet files.
• Is your desktop cluttered? Remove icons you no longer use, organize the ones you do into folders, and ensure any documents you use on your desktop are saved onto a network drive and removed from your machine.

Running antivirus software is an important way to keep your computer clean on a daily basis. Make sure you have an updated version that is working.

And, don’t forget, it is always a good idea to restart your PC at least once a week.

Happy spring digital cleaning and please share with us any tips that work for you.