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Making Healthy Choices

Have one of these thoughts ever crossed your mind during a workout?
“Cheeseburgers and couches are better than running.”
“I could lift weights, or I could lift a spoonful of chocolate sauce into my mouth.”
“I love ice cream and naps more than I love exercise machines.”

These are very real thoughts that I have had during various workouts over the years. I have been a runner for six years and a competitive squash player for three and, truthfully, I sometimes think about quitting and hanging out on my couch more. But, I don’t. Why do I keep exercising and sweating? Why don’t I just become one with the couch and eat ice cream?

Plain and simple, the reason I am passionate about active living and eating healthy is because it has the power to truly change your life for the better. Exercise creates a new you - - and it is a beautiful upgrade. When you consistently exercise, you feel more energized, more focused and far less stressed because your brain is being neurologically rewired for the better.

Exercise greatly reduces my stress level, helps me focus and learn in school and has enabled me to successfully win my battle against severe depression. Exercise gives me the mindset and energy to thrive and be successful. I can assure you there is no ice cream in the world that is better than that.

So, how does one get healthy and experience the benefits of active living?

With these two words: move and menu. You only have one body and you have the choice to take care of it every single day.
1. Move – Find a physical activity that you enjoy. If you hate running on a treadmill, stop running on the treadmill! Find something that gets you excited and makes you smile. The only requirement is that the physical activity makes you sweat and raises your heart rate. 
2. Menu –Eat healthy foods most of the time and limit your intake of less healthy items. Choose and prepare healthy food eat more vegetables and fruit. Look for recipes that inspire healthy eating.

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