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Fruit Salad

Preparing this salad ahead of time and storing it in the fridge makes it easy to choose fresh fruit for a quick and healthy snack! Health Canada recommends choosing 7-10 servings of vegetables and fruit each day.


1 cup Strawberries, sliced 250 mL
1 cup Raspberries 250 mL
1 cup Blackberries 250 mL
2 Peaches, skinned, pitted and sliced 2
1 cup Pineapple, tidbits 250 mL
1 Tbsp Zest from 1 lime 15 mL
3 Tbsp Fresh lime juice 45 mL


1. Gently fold together fruit, lime zest and lime juice.
2. Store in a covered container in the fridge.

Makes 10 servings (125 mL/ ½ cup/ 89 g)

Source: developed by Terry B. for Apple E-Parenting newsletter, Alberta Health Services.

Per Serving: 40 calories, 0 g fat, (0 g saturated fat, 0 g trans fat), 0 mg sodium, 9 g carbohydrate, 1 g protein, 3 g fibre.

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