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CONNECT - Community Support Team

CONNECT is one of 5 Provincial Community Support Teams providing support to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID / D) and mental illness. CONNECT provides support and services to Alberta's Northern communities (North of Highway 16).

CONNECT offers support to clients with intellectual and developmental disabilities (ID / D) and mental illness, their caregivers, and service providers. The CONNECT Community Support Team is a partnership between Alberta Health Services and the Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD) Program.

Services include:

  • assessments
  • education and awareness
  • supporting service providers during times of crisis
  • supporting clients as they move from the hospital to the community
  • making strategies to avoid the need for a critical response
  • planning, testing, and doing interventions
  • helping clients access the services they need
  • building relationships between families, services, and service providers
  • promoting a culture of understanding and change

Service Providers May Include
behavioural consultants, family doctors, occupational therapists (OTs), probation officers, psychiatrists, registered nurses (RNs)

Currently eligible for Alberta PDD (Persons with Developmental Disability) program (PDD – Eligibility) and meets the Complex Need Initiative definition of Complex Service Needs (Intellectual / Developmental Disability (IDD) & Mental Health Supports - Complex Needs Initiative)

Referral Needed

Primary Care, Addictions and Mental Health and other allied health professions, please contact CONNECT representative for further information and referral forms.

Service Access

Healthcare providers should consult the Alberta Referral Directory for service referral information.

See contact information for CONNECT representative who can assist in accessing the service. Access is through referral; health professionals, allied health professionals, disability services providers, families, others supporting adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities and individuals receiving services may apply.



Government of Alberta

Service Locations
Also Known As
Complex Needs Service Team