• 2016-17: Report to the community

    AHS By The Numbers

By working together as one health system, we have been able to improve patient outcomes, and enhance experiences for patients, clients and families, as well as for our 130,000- plus hard-working staff, physicians and volunteers.

2016-17 By The Numbers

  • Financial Results Summary

    Additional information about AHS including financial reports from prior periods is available on the AHS website at www.albertahealthservices.ca.

    Consolidated Statement of Operations

    Expense By Object

    Expense By Function

  • Performance Measures

    The following 17 AHS performance measures were established in collaboration with Alberta Health. These measures reflect a balance across the spectrum of healthcare and accurately reflect health system performance. They were developed to enable us to compare AHS performance nationally. The performance measures are aligned to the Alberta Quality Matrix for Health, developed by the Health Quality Council of Alberta (HQCA), which describes six dimensions of quality: acceptability, accessibility, appropriateness, effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

    The measures play a key role in advising staff and physicians about our progress and where we may need to adjust actions to achieve the identified targets; they also help in communicating with Albertans about the value provided by health funding expenditures.

  • Monitoring Measures

    There are a number of measures that AHS monitors internally to help inform us about other areas of the health system. These monitoring measures do not have targets, and some of these measures do not have benchmarks across the country for comparison. However, these measures are familiar and of interest to Albertans. These measures are updated quarterly and posted on the AHS website.

    The following measures contribute to balanced performance monitoring and reporting that have been tracked over many years. These measures are tactical as they inform the performance of an operational area or reflect the performance of key drivers of a performance measure. The measures represent a broad range of indicators that span the continuum of care.

  • Quick Facts

    The numbers below provide a snapshot of AHS’ activity and demonstrate the change in services provided in the last few years.

  • Facilities Breakdown


    AHS is committed to providing more community-based options for Albertans, including long-term care, supportive living, palliative care and home care. A key objective in healthcare is to shift services from acute care hospital and facility living to the community – bringing care closer to home for patients. In 2016-17, AHS opened 376 continuing care beds for a total of 25,323 community-based spaces. Since April 2010, AHS has opened 5,623 community-based beds/spaces.

    Facilities By Zone

    This section contains an overview of facilities that support healthcare throughout the province and the beds or spaces within them, broken down provincially and/or by zone.

Alberta Health Services 2016-17 Annual Report