• 2016-17: Report to the community



The eight-member AHS Board is responsible for the governance of AHS, working in partnership with Alberta Health to ensure all Albertans have access to high-quality health services across the province. The Board is accountable to the Minister of Health.

The AHS Board has established the following committees to assist in governing AHS and overseeing the management of AHS’ business and affairs: Audit & Risk Committee, Community Engagement Committee (established April 2016), Finance Committee, Governance Committee, Human Resources Committee, and Quality & Safety Committee.

AHS Board Members

  • Linda Hughes – Board Chair
  • Dr. Brenda Hemmelgarn – Vice Chair
  • Heather Hirsch
  • Hugh D. Sommerville
  • David Carpenter
  • Marliss Taylor
  • Glenda Yeates
  • Richard Dicerni

The Board Chair is a member of each committee, and the President and Chief Executive Officer is a non-voting ex-officio member of each committee. The purpose and scope of each committee is in accordance with good governance practices and is consistent with the governing legislation of AHS.

Organizational Structure

Dr. Verna Yiu is President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of AHS. Dr. Yiu leads a staff of over 109,000 caring and dedicated individuals who make up the AHS workforce. In this role, she is leading health services through transformational change, shaping the future for AHS to allow achievement of our strategic directions.

With leaders and staff in the organization, AHS will build a culture that exemplifies our values, takes a provincial perspective on issues and ensures good ideas developed in one part of the province are shared across the province.

The AHS organizational structure is arranged under the AHS Executive Leadership Team reporting directly to the President and CEO.

Alberta Health Services 2016-17 Annual Report