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Patient Email Well Wishes

A messaging service for people wanting to send well wishes to inpatients in hospitals and healthcare facilities across Alberta.

As part of our support for patient care and comfort, friends and family of inpatients at hospital and health care facilities can send well wishes via email. Sites participating in the program will receive the message, will ensure that the message is only "well-wish" (any other type of communication will be deleted) and will arrange for delivery within 3 business days. A couple of important reminders - the electronic delivery system is not a secure connection, so please don't add any confidential information to your message. Plus the "well-wish" system does not allow for replies or confirm receipt / delivery confirmation.

Contact Details

Islay Assisted Living

5016 53 Street
Islay, Alberta
T0B 2J0
Getting There

From Highway 16, go North on Highway 893 and follow 5km, cross the Railroad tracks and turn right at the 2nd entrance into Islay.

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Service hours not available.
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