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Programs & Services

Community Addiction & Mental Health - Adult & Youth Services

Offers services for children, adults and older adults with addiction and mental health issues.

Addiction services include: assessment, treatment and referral for clients with alcohol, tobacco and other drug or gambling concerns. Short-term out patient treatment services include individual, family and group counselling.

Addiction Prevention Support may include:

  • consultation
  • prevention activity planning
  • education
  • prevention activities
  • addiction treatment services
  • other support as needed

Mental Health Services are provided for individuals with mental health issues, including helping people access the best service for them as quickly as possible (centralized access). This service includes programs for:

  • adults (18 years and older) who are having emotional and mental problems that are affecting their lives (depression, schizophrenia, anxiety, bipolar, suicide)
  • children (under 18 years) who have mental health issues that are affecting their daily life
  • older adults (65 years and older) who need assessment, treatment, and rehabilitation for thought and mood disorders or dementia

Crisis Services are available through the local emergency department or by calling 911.