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Virtual Health

AHS Virtual Health supports virtual care across AHS in all aspects of clinical care as an option for health delivery. The definition of virtual care is using innovation and technology to connect health care providers to patients and to one another.

AHS Virtual Health’s vision is “Delivering Safe Quality Virtual Care – Anytime, Anywhere”. The service works together with clinical programs and AHS partners to add technology into their daily workflow in order to deliver health services when the clinician(s) and/or patient are separated by distance. This improves access and reduces barriers to patient care across Alberta and beyond.

Virtual care may be provided using telephone, video, messaging, or email.

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Referral Needed

Virtual visits may be initiated by contacting your care provider. For more information, please see the Alberta Health Services Virtual Health webpage: AHS Virtual Health

Service Locations
Also Known As
Clinical Telehealth, Telehealth, Videoconference
Virtual Care/Visit