WorkTraxTM iDevice App

IMPORTANT: This application may only be used after a WorkTrax account has been activated as this mobile application is a companion to the WorkTrax web tool.

The WorkTrax tool is available as an iPhone/iPod app! WorkTrax is a workload reporting tool developed by Pharmacy Services, Alberta Health Services (AHS) for clinically deployed staff.

Clinically deployed workload reporting helps quantify the value of pharmacy in the overall health and care of patients, while supporting the funding of pharmacy resources for safe and effective medication management.

WorkTrax captures occurrence and/or time spent providing standardized categories of activities and also identifies how the pharmacy staff member interacted with the patient and/or their family when providing service to a recipient. Non-service recipient activities are also reported in WorkTrax. No patient identifying information is captured in the WorkTrax application. Interfacing between the web and mobile applications of WorkTrax allows users to enter workload data in either platform and view reported data in full within the web application.

Design and implementation of the app was provided by Resonant Apps Inc. Copyright © (2013-2018) Alberta Health Services

App Name and Version Number

Rx buttonWorkTrax
Version W2.0.1

Category: Medical Compatibility


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