Thank You

You’ve often told us you’d like to connect with the people who cared for you.

If you missed the opportunity to thank someone for the care you received, here’s your chance.

Post and share your thanks on these two sites. For any caregiver please visit: Thank the People Who Care; and for a first responder visit: Thank a Paramedic.

Because You Cared

The Because You Cared video series provides a vehicle for Albertans to say thank you to AHS staff who make a significant difference in patients' lives. Watch fellow Albertans thank the people who helped them in a time of need.

Because You Cared: A Sweet Surprise for Nurses

During the recent birth of her baby girl, a patient’s labour and delivery took some unexpected turns.

Because You Cared: A recipe for Care and Compassion

A patient’s wife wants to thank the Nutrition and Food Services team for the kindness they showed her husband while he was in their care.

Because You Cared: Grateful for NICU Care

A surprise thank you for one special NICU nurse. She is part of a team that delivers care that make a big difference for patients and families every day.