Provincial Patient & Family Advisory Council

Patient Experience

AHS Patient and Family Advisory Group – A Journey in Building Healthcare Partnerships

The heart and soul of patient engagement in Alberta Health Services (AHS) is the Provincial Patient & Family Advisory Council (PFAC). All PFAC members have firsthand experience navigating Alberta’s healthcare system. These members, also called Patient and Family Advisors, generously volunteer their time to enhance the quality, safety and effectiveness of health services from the patient, family and caregiver perspective.

The council meets monthly and provides a venue for healthcare planners to engage directly with members and ensure the voices of patients, families and caregivers resonate throughout health policies, projects and programs across the continuum of care.

Why PFAC & Engagement Matter

Evidence shows that the more patients and families are involved in the design, delivery and evaluation of health services, the more effective those services are at improving patient outcomes. For more information, read the Journal of Patient Experience article The Provincial Patient and Family Group for Alberta Health Services Transforms How Care is Planned and Delivered: A Decade of Experience.

Become an Advisor

Alberta Health Services wants to engage with patients and families in the design, delivery and evaluation of healthcare.



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