Ophthalmic Assistant

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Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA)


Ophthalmic assistant certification

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Ophthalmic assistants play a role in a team of eye care providers. They assist ophthalmologists by testing a patient’s visual acuity and eye pressure, taking a patient’s history, measuring blood pressure and instilling dilation eye drops. Ophthalmologists may request ophthalmic assistants to perform other diagnostic tests and to prepare patients for laser treatment. Ophthalmic assistants are also responsible for the medical device reprocessing and maintenance of ophthalmic equipment.

Ophthalmic assistants primarily work in hospitals and clinics. In the course of their work, they interact directly with patients as well as ophthalmologists and other medical staff.

Ophthalmic assistants sit and stand for extended periods of time. They may lift and move equipment, or assist patients while positioning equipment.

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