Primary Care Paramedic

Providing emergency scene care

Primary care paramedics (PCPs) are responsible for transporting ill or injured patients from scenes of emergency and/or between facilities.

Working within a defined scope of practice, they assess emergency scenes and patients, and may treat patients on-scene or in the ambulance to administer lifesaving procedures.

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$28.42 - $35.87 per hour

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Primary care paramedic certificate


  • Assess emergency scenes and patients
  • Treat patients by administering some medications, utilizing basic life support (BLS) airway adjuncts, and engaging in semi-automated defibrillation
  • Lift and transport patients and equipment
  • Transport ill or injured patients from scenes of emergency and/or between facilities

Make a Difference

  • Quickly transport ill or injured patients from emergency scenes to the nearest hospital to receive medical care
  • Transport patients between facilities, for example, if patients require a different level of care or more specialized care
  • Provide on-the-ground leadership to BLS crews during patient transport or at emergency scenes
  • Stay calm in what can be stressful situations and help save lives

Work Collaboratively

  • Provide direct patient care
  • Work as part of an interprofessional health care team, collaborating with emergency medical personnel, emergency communications officers, physicians, nurses and other health professionals

Grow Your Career

  • Additional training and certification – Advanced Care Paramedic
  • Teaching/training other PCPs and staff
  • Healthcare leadership and management
  • Health system administration

Advanced Care Paramedic

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Additional Information

To learn more about a career as an Primary Care Paramedic in our province visit Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS).