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Master’s degree in nursing

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The clinical nurse specialist is a registered nurse in an advanced nursing practice role that encompasses expert knowledge, complex decision-making skills and clinical competencies for advanced practice. Clinical nurse specialists serve as role models and advocates by providing leadership and by acting as a clinician, researcher, consultant and educator. They possess in-depth knowledge and skills, advanced judgment and clinical experience in patient/client care. The clinical nurse specialist assists in providing solutions for complex health care issues at all levels with clients, colleagues in other disciplines, administrators and policy makers. They strengthen the link between research and clinical practice by facilitating others’ understanding, application and utilization of research. The role includes:

Screening - As applicable to the patient population.

Clinical Services - Possesses in-depth knowledge and skills, advanced judgment and clinical expertise in a nursing specialty. Performs comprehensive health assessments based on a thorough history, physical examination, and additional assessment strategies individualized to patient/client needs and practice settings. Employs expert consulting skills with nurses and other professionals in various clinical settings to directly and indirectly influence patient care.

Promotion and Prevention - Designs and implements protocols and guidelines that demonstrate evidence-based clinical decision-making through the critical examination and application of evidence from clinical research integrated with clinical expertise, patient input and existing resources. Contributes expert consultation to planning groups, health institutions, community groups, policy makers, leaders and education institutions related to health-care system planning.

End of Life Care - The clinical nurse specialist in palliative care settings is responsible for the advancement of palliative care activities include developing, implementing and evaluating programs and policies relating to advanced nursing care and health systems. Provides patient-centered care in consultation with the inter-professional team regarding symptom management, discharge planning, advance care planning conversations and goals of care designations, and psychosocial distress or dysfunction.

Client Advocacy - Develops, implements, and evaluates evidence-based nursing practice standards, protocols, procedures, policies, guidelines and clinical pathways that meet ethical, legal, and professional criteria and which facilitate achievement of patient outcomes.

Clinical nurse specialists typically work in part-time or full-time positions as needed by the program or area of service. The hours of work are usually daytime hours, Monday to Friday. Although not typically at the bedside, the clinical nurse specialist is often in contact with those who are. They have both internal and external partners. They are relied upon to be excellent teachers and to ensure competencies in practice are met. The clinical nurse specialist must be able to work independently and within a team environment. They will be expected to effectively contribute to patient/client planning processes to improve service delivery and patient/client outcomes. Excellent communication skills, a compassionate and caring attitude, holistic approach to care and attention to detail are necessary.

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