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$33.71 to $36.95 per hour

Other benefits


Post-secondary education in engineering design and drafting


Not required

What does this job look like at AHS?

Draftspersons are responsible for preparing, maintaining and filing drawings of hospitals and facilities. They ensure drawings of hospital complexes, such as architectural, electrical, mechanical and structural systems, are updated. They catalogue facilities’ library of drawings and are responsible for printing and reproducing drawings and sketches as required. Draftspersons maintain files of information on equipment, operating and repair manuals. They also receive and analyze building code changes.

For facility renovations, draftspersons investigate the feasibility of the projects by analyzing plans and estimating costs. They prepare drawings and specifications, and report necessary revisions or instructions.

Draftspersons are located in a number of different facilities including hospitals and corporate offices. They typically work full-time hours, Monday to Friday. Draftspersons will spend the majority of the day working on computers.

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