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What does this job look like at AHS?

Painters perform a wide variety of journeyman-level painting and resurfacing duties requiring considerable initiative and judgment in accordance with AHS, quality standards and industry practices.

Painters provide technical advice and recommendations on appropriate surface applications and preparations desired to obtain protective or decorative effects. They are responsible for stripping or preparing building, equipment and furniture surfaces for surface applications. Painters select, mix and apply paint, stains, varnishes, cements and plasters. They hang wallpaper, install tiling, plaster walls, letter and stencil signs, and clean-up work areas.

Painters assist in the design and implementation of a scheduled painting program, recommend repair work, coordinate repair schedules with other maintenance staff, and maintain appropriate records and logs. They coordinate, train and assign work to non-journeyman staff assigned to assist with painting and resurfacing projects. They also prepare cost estimates and related reports, as well as requisition supplies, equipment and materials.

Painters work in hospitals, medical centers and specialty institutions such as cancer care and continuing and long-term care centres. Painters work business hours, Monday to Friday, and evenings and weekends as required.

Painters are required to do constant standing, bending, kneeling, climbing and lifting of up to 60 lbs. Painters are required to be precise in their work.

Millwrights perform physically demanding work that includes extensive standing, walking, bending and lifting of heavy equipment and supplies. Millwrights may be required to lift and move items that weigh over 20 kilograms.

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