Human Resources Analyst


Competitive compensation package

Other benefits


Non-Union Exempt Employee (NUEE)


Diploma or degree in human resources


Not required

What does this job look like at AHS?

Human resource (HR) analysts primarily compile reports, handle confidential information, as well as work with other human resources teams. They play an important role in compiling and maintaining confidential data. Because of the large number of employees, HR analysts rely on accurate employee data to make critical organizational decisions.

HR analysts perform professional-level analytical work in a variety of assignments related to HR administration. They must have proficient knowledge of general HR practices and labour relations as well as HR Information Systems. They work closely with information technology and other HR teams to ensure the integrity of these systems. This includes system upgrades and analyzing potential security issues.

HR analysts typically work full-time hours, Monday to Friday. They can apply for positions that are either permanent or temporary depending on business needs. Some travel may be required depending on the requirements of the job.

HR analysts may work on-site at health facilities or in corporate offices. They work with HR advisors, other human resources professionals, union representatives, operational managers and with other corporate departments such as Finance and Communications.

HR analysts use computers and telephones for a large portion of their work and may be required to sit for long periods of time. They work with a variety of HR Information Systems and use various database applications such as Recruitment Management Systems, Payroll Systems and HR Record & Employee Management Systems.

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