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What does this job look like at AHS?

Enterprise architects are members of the AHS Information Technology Architecture Services team. They provide planning, design, implementation and maintenance of information technology investments. Enterprise architects work with a high degree of independence and in collaboration with internal and external stakeholders to plan and implement large-scale information technology initiatives at AHS. They interpret client needs, assess requirements and identify solutions for project needs.

Enterprise architects are core members of the project teams they are assigned to. Within the Architecture Services team, enterprise architects provide peer feedback and actively seek out other team members for support, expertise and guidance. They also look for opportunities to share and transfer knowledge and experiences across other ongoing information technology projects.

At any given time, enterprise architects are usually working on one to six projects that are at various stages within the project life-cycle, from proposal through to implementation. As part of their role, they are responsible for specific project deliverables and for updating and maintaining the ‘enterprise reference architectures’ that are used by the Architecture Services team. Enterprise architects often lead individuals who are responsible for creating specific dimensions of this architecture.

Enterprise architects typically work full-time hours. They can apply for positions that are either permanent or temporary depending on business needs. They generally work Monday to Friday. Some enterprise architects may travel depending on the requirements of the job. Enterprise architects at AHS work on-site at health facilities or in corporate offices. They often work alongside operational managers, senior organizational leaders, business analysts, organizational change consultants, other employees, external stakeholders and service providers.

Enterprise architects use computers and telephones for a large portion of their work and may be required to talk, type and sit for long periods of time. Using instant messaging and other virtual collaboration tools, the majority of an enterprise architect’s work can be completed remotely and so these roles can be located in any part of Alberta.

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