Emergency Medical Services

Oversight of AHS EMS research

The AHS EMS Research Committee reviews proposed research involving the AHS EMS system, and develops the research enterprise within AHS EMS. The committee is made up of EMS members from a variety of functional and geographic areas of AHS EMS.

When a study proposal is received, the AHS EMS Research Committee organizes a review team with representatives from the sections of the AHS EMS system that may be involved in the research (e.g., dispatch, operations, education, etc.). This team reviews the details of the study and determines the risk, impact, and benefit of participating in the research; the Research Committee then summarizes this information for AHS EMS Senior Leadership in order to make an informed decision.

The AHS EMS Research Committee is also comprised of subcommittees that help develop the research enterprise in the AHS EMS system. These subcommittees

For more information on research in the AHS EMS system, or on the AHS EMS Research Committee please contact: ems.research@ahs.ca