Stay safe and keep your routine immunizations up to date

April 27, 2022

EDMONTON – Alberta Health Services (AHS) is recognizing National Immunization Awareness Week by reminding Albertans to keep their immunizations up to date.

COVID-19 and influenza immunizations are among the most commonly known; however, there are many other vaccine-preventable diseases both children and adults also need protection from — and immunization can provide this protection.

By following a routine immunization schedule, you and your child will be immunized against diseases at the safest and most effective ages and stages. This means you and your child will get the maximum possible protection.

AHS provides free, routine immunization for infants and children who live in Alberta. However, immunization is not just for children – it is a lifelong process. Adults need to immunize against vaccine-preventable diseases as well.

There are some vaccines adults don’t need to get again if they received them in childhood, such as measles. Some vaccines are for older adults only, such as pneumococcal vaccines, and there are other immunizations that all adults should get at regular intervals, such as influenza yearly, and tetanus vaccine every 10 years.

While making your family’s immunization plan, be sure you are also maintaining your COVID-19 vaccine per the booster recommendations.

To find out which immunizations are right for you and your child, please check with your family physician or visit If you have any questions regarding immunization, please call Health Link at 811.

Immunization is safe and effective, and protects whole communities. The more people who are fully immunized in a community, the safer everyone is.

National Immunization Awareness Week runs until Saturday.

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