Low-stimulus immunization clinics expanded in Edmonton Zone

July 4, 2022

EDMONTON – As of July 4, Alberta Health Services’ (AHS) has expanded its low-stimulus immunization clinics to six locations throughout the Edmonton Zone.

Low-stimulus clinics are available for children and adults with sensory sensitivities or specific needs who require a quieter, less stimulating environment when receiving an immunization. The clinic spaces have reduced sensory input, including dim lights and reduced noise. Patient appointments are spaced out to limit the number of individuals in the clinic during operating hours and families and patients are encouraged to bring personal comfort items to provide a distraction.

The first low-stimulus clinic opened at the Spruce Grove Health Centre in April 2021. There are now six locations in the Edmonton Zone offering this specialized care for individuals with neurodiverse needs or needle phobia, or who require an alternate clinical environment. The clinics provide routine childhood vaccines, school-aged vaccines and adult vaccines, with some offering COVID-19 vaccinations.

Appointments can be booked at these clinics by calling the participating public health centers directly:

For information about immunization against COVID-19 please visit ahs.ca/covid. For more information about immunizations in general, visit http://www.immunizealberta.ca/.

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