National Injury Prevention Day brings awareness to preventable injuries

July 5, 2022

EDMONTON – Most injuries are predictable and preventable. About 75 per cent of injury-related deaths in Canada are from unintentional causes such as falls, motor vehicle accidents and poisonings.

Alberta Health Services supports Parachute’s National Injury Prevention Day (NIPD), which aims to help Canadians learn how to prevent injuries through education and advocacy.

To mark this initiative, municipalities across Canada will show support by lighting up major landmarks in the distinctive ‘Parachute Green’ used by the national charity dedicated to injury prevention. In addition, the Government of Alberta has proclaimed July 5 as National Injury Prevention Day in the province.

In Edmonton EPCOR Tower, the High Level Bridge and HUB Mall at the University of Alberta will be lit up.

In 2019, Alberta recorded 34,881 injury-related hospital admissions and 515,962 emergency department visits. In 2017, preventable injuries cost Albertans $7.1 billion in total economic costs.

Along with the added strain on the healthcare system across the province, the human cost of preventable injury brings pain, suffering and reduced health and well-being to individuals and their families.

Everyone has a role to play in injury prevention, and there are ways to keep yourself and loved ones safe.



Travel safely when driving around Alberta this summer:

Wear your seat belt. If you travel with children, be a great role model. Make sure they’re riding in the correct car seat or booster seat for their age and size. Visit Car Seat Guidelines in Alberta for more information.

Reduce distractions and focus only on driving. Do not use handheld devices of any kind when you are behind the wheel. Visit Traffic Safety for Motorists, Pedestrians, and Cyclists.

Summer means more cyclists, runners, and pedestrians. Make sure you look out for them and be patient as they cross the road.

Manage your speed – follow speed limits and be patient when you come to a 30 km/hour or 40 km/hour zone.


Many household items can be poisonous to young children, who are at higher risk of poisoning due to their natural curiosity and small size. Some tips to prevent poisonings include:

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