Falls Prevention Month a reminder to stay safe all year

November 28, 2022

November is Falls Prevention Month, and Alberta Health Services is letting Albertans know how they can stay safe, healthy and independent by preventing falls and other injuries.

Falls are the leading cause of injury and can affect individuals across all age groups, leading to serious harm.

Most falls can be prevented. There are things you can do to prevent falls at any age:


For young children, many falls occur in the home. Stairs, windows, balconies and furniture such as beds or chairs are hazards for falls.

For all children:

For more resources, visit:

For Older Adults:
One in three Albertans over age 65 will fall at least once a year. While the risk of falls increases as people age, falls are not a normal part of aging. Here are a few ways to prevent falls:

Keep Active to maintain strength and balance. Regular physical activity can help prevent injury and enhance independence, improving your overall quality of life. Specifically,

Check Your Vision and ensure you have a complete annual eye exam.

Review Your Medications annually with your doctor or pharmacist.

Reduce Falls in the Home

Check in with your loved ones who may experience physical limitations as they age. Help clear away snow and ice along driveways to prevent falls outside the home.

If you fall or are hurt, getting the appropriate care you need is important. People with serious injuries should visit their nearest emergency department or call 911 for potentially life-threatening conditions. Visit ahs.ca/options for more info.

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