AHS Fit Fam

Your Wellness. Your Alberta.

You are invited to join our family of active and engaged Albertans, also known as the ‘AHS Fit Fam’. This doesn’t just mean physical activity — although that’s a part of it. It can also mean taking time to meditate, having coffee with a friend, or volunteering in your community. There are a number of ways to get active and engaged to improve overall physical, mental and social well-being for yourself and your Alberta.

Get inspired by our Fit Fam Champions across the province, like Sabrina Van Der Voet:

Sabrina Van Der Voet, AHS business analyst, shares her story of being a fitness enthusiast and participating in fitness competitions. Fitness helps her to relieve stress, gives her energy for the day and clears her mind.

Visit often to discover more unique Fit Fam Champion stories and check out our AHS Fit Fam playlist.

Not part of the AHS Fit Fam just yet?

Visit your local recreation centre, community association or other community groups discover new wellness opportunities.

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As an active and engaged Albertan, you’re part of the #AHSFitFam and we want to hear your story.

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AHS Fit Fam Activities

Do you have an idea or know of a wellness event in your community? Let us know!