AHS Design Lab

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We design health + care solutions for humans

We believe the biggest opportunities to transform healthcare lie not within strategies or processes, but mindsets.

We use design thinking to:

  • Kick start meaningful discussions
  • Breathe life into structures with human-centred design
  • Develop co-designed solutions to capture hearts
  • Solve complicated problems that have no clear solutions

Our lab,, is powered by Alberta Health Services.

What We Call Ourselves

  • AHS Design Lab
  • The Design Lab
  • D4AHS

Who We Are

What We Call Ourselves

  • AHS Design Lab
  • The Design Lab
  • D4AHS

Our team is a diverse group of entrepreneurial consultants determined to improve healthcare in Alberta using:

  • Design thinking
  • Human-centred design
  • Sprints
  • Scrums

The Design Lab is eager to acknowledge the amazing work being carried out by design-thinking mobilizers through our fellowship program. We aim to support and recognize individuals and teams who have not only embraced design thinking in their practice, but are actively using design thinking and liberating structures in their work.

What We Do

  • Use design thinking as a core foundation to tap into abilities and viewpoints often overlooked by more conventional problem-solving practices
  • Recognize patterns to help groups come up with creative ideas that are meaningful and focused on the end-user
  • Facilitate events like discovery + design days, health design sprints, scrum team organization, team goals/identity workshops, and more
  • Offer courses that harness design thinking into tools like sprints, scrums and liberating structures
  • Mobilize social movements that offer alternative and effective options to top-down approaches traditionally used in organizations

How We Work

Anyone may request a 30 minute consult with the Design Lab:

  • We’ll listen to your problem and situation and discuss options to work with our team
  • Not all problems can be solved with design thinking so if we can’t help you, we will try our best to find someone who can

If you would like to consult with the Design Lab, contact us at