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Using the InnoWell Platform

What is it?

The InnoWell Platform is an online mental health tool. It provides surveys in 20 different areas of Addiction & Mental Health. For each survey, there are matched apps and e-tools for between session supports. There are also suggestions in each area for things that might be available in your community and cues for talking to your mental health team. You will ultimately know more about how you are doing and what do about it. Your mental health team will also know more, they can see exactly what you see and will be better equipped to help out.

How do I get access to the InnoWell Platform?

At this point, this online tool is part of a research pilot project. If you are seeing a participating mental health worker in a school, doctors office or at an AHS Addiction & Mental Health spot they can help get you set up. Here are the steps:

  1. Decide with your mental health practitioner whether you think InnoWell will be a helpful tool for you. Your mental health practitioner will fill out an online form and you will get an email.
  2. Accept your email invitation from InnoWell by clicking the link provided (double-check your spam folder if you do not see the email).
  3. Create your account by completing some questions about you and your mental health.
  4. View your results and get immediate access to a range of apps and e-tools. Use your results in partnership with your mental health team.

What does InnoWell offer?

  • InnoWell is completely free
  • InnoWell is accessible on phone, laptop & tablet.
  • Your information is secure. We take privacy and security seriously.
  • Get access to helpful apps & e-tools anywhere, anytime.
  • You can track your wellbeing and see how you are doing over time.
  • You can communicate your priorities to your mental health practitioner.
  • You have the option to invite a support person to share with you on the site.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of questions are on the InnoWell platform?

There are 20 surveys - from overall physical health to anxiety & depressed mood.

Can I update / view my answers?

Once you have answered the questions about you and your mental health, you can view and update your answers whenever you like.

How long will it take?

The full question set will take about 45 minutes; you can choose to do it at your own pace either on your own or with your mental health practitioner.

What does a support person do?

You can invite a support person like a friend or a teacher to join you on the platform. Your support person simply provides input about how you are doing. They cannot see any of your information.