My Recovery Plan

What is My Recovery Plan

My Recovery Plan (MRP) is an online tool developed by Last Door Recovery Society to help those living with addiction build and understand their recovery capital. My Recovery Plan measures an individual’s recovery capital and helps them build treatment plans.

What is Recovery Capital

Recovery capital consists of identifiable resources, internal and external, that a person may call upon to enter and continue recovery. Recovery capital is the combination of personal, social, community and other supports that a person can draw upon to begin and sustain their recovery from addiction.

Why is AHS Implementing My Recovery Plan

My Recovery Plan (MRP) supports a recovery-oriented system of care by:

  • helping Albertans personalize and have more ownership of their recovery journey,
  • improving continuity of services and connections to broader social supports and services, and
  • providing government with evidence to guide future policy and funding decisions.

MRP supports the Government of Alberta improve foundational support by creating a provincial waitlist, tracking treatment and recovery outcomes, identifying effective interventions, and allowing individuals to share their data across service providers.

Service providers will be able to digitize their program. Albertans using My Recovery Plan will be able to track and monitor their progress towards recovery. They will be able to take their data with them from agency to agency so that they are not continually starting from zero as they move throughout the system.

My Recovery Plan will help Albertans build their recovery capital using a strengths-based approach in seven domains of recovery capital.

Negative Recovery Capital:

  1. unmet needs
  2. barriers to recovery

Positive Recovery Capital:

  1. personal capital
  2. social capital
  3. community capital
  4. commitment to recovery
  5. quality of life and satisfaction

How Does My Recovery Plan Work

The individual in treatment will work with a clinician to complete a recovery capital assessment. The assessment will generate recovery capital scores. Goals and tasks will be suggested based on their recovery capital scores.

Implementation Plans

AHS is using a phased approach to roll-out My Recovery Plan across the province. My Recovery Plan is currently being rolled out to publicly funded residential addiction treatment services. Training to use and apply My Recovery Plan will be provided in advance of implementation for each service provider and ongoing support will be available.