Strengthening Linkages Workshop

Health Professionals

2023 Family Physicians & Cancer Care Alberta Workshop

Alberta Health Services Cancer Care Alberta is pleased to announce the 12th Annual Family Physicians and Cancer Care Alberta: Strengthening Linkages Workshop.

The Strengthening Linkages Workshop brings together family physicians, health professionals, and oncology specialists to discuss cancer-related topics. The purpose of the workshop is to provide family physicians and health professionals the opportunity to build linkages between oncology and primary care communities of practice. It is our goal to improve the integration of care by promoting knowledge exchange and building relationships.

This education event is connected via videoconference allowing participants to attend via zoom.


  • Saturday, April 22, 2023 (8 a.m. – 5:15 p.m.)

Overall Learning Objectives

  • Acquire and translate information and updates to better navigate the cancer system.
  • Support and participate in the improvement of the integration of care through dialogue, networking, and teamwork.
  • Recognize and explain services and programs enhancing patient-centred care.

Program Topics

  • Training GP Oncologists
  • Management of Systemic & Radiation Therapy Toxicities
  • Hematology CLL: The Not So Scary "C" Word 
  • Nutrition in Cancer Patients
  • Cancer Screening & Prevention: 
    • Latest Update for Breast and Lung Cancer Screening in Alberta
    • Canada’s Guidance on Alcohol and Health Recommendations for Preventing Cancer
    • Enhancement of FIT Pathway in Primary Care
  • Supporting Adolescents & Young Adults through Cancer 
  • Walking Together to Strengthen Indigenous Cancer Care in Alberta 
  • Building Web Resources for Community and Primary Care Providers to Access Comprehensive Cancer Information


There is no cost associated with this event.

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