Social Worker

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$32.12 to $56.50 per hour

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Health Sciences Association of Alberta (HSAA)


Social work diploma

Bachelor's degree or master's degree for higher classifications

What does this job look like at AHS?

Social workers provide a broad range of services related to social and family support services by assisting clients from various backgrounds solve issues with human relationships and enhance their social well-being. Some of the services social workers perform for clients are interventions, emotional support, advocacy, referrals, counseling, discharge and after-care plans. They are part of a multi-disciplinary team whose focus is to provide quality patient care and family services. As well, social workers work with their clients’ families to ensure certain needs such as food, housing, and transportation are met. In addition to working with clients, social workers participate in policy development, research, and evaluation projects. They complete documentation, statistics, and reports associated with assignments, as well as perform other administrative duties such as maintaining inventory.

At AHS, social workers have three classifications – Social Worker I, II, and III. Higher classifications involve working with clients with more complex and multi-faceted issues. They also take on a supervisory role and are responsible for leading the implementation and evaluation of services in their area. Higher classifications may also assist in teaching and supervising students of differing levels.

Social workers work in hospitals, home care centers, and in clients’ homes. They work directly with clients and their family members. Clients range in age and background, and have conditions of varying degrees and severity. Some clients and/or their family members may be hostile and verbally or physically aggressive. Social workers collaborate with each other and with other inter-disciplinary professionals when required.

Social workers may work full-time or part-time hours. They can apply for positions that are permanent or temporary depending on department and facility needs. Shift schedules may include a combination of day, evening and weekend shifts, as well as on-call duty.

Social workers sit and stand for long periods. They may need to assist in moving and transporting clients and their personal effects. Social workers are required to travel, so road and weather conditions will vary.

To learn more visit Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS).

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