Clinical Nurse Specialist


Facilitating advancement of nursing care

Clinical nurse specialists are registered nurses in an advanced practice role that encompasses expert knowledge, complex decision-making skills, and the clinical competencies for advanced practice. They serve as role models and advocates by providing leadership and by acting as a clinician, researcher, consultant and educator.

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$45.04 - $60.44 per hour

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Master's degree in nursing


  • Perform comprehensive health assessments based on a thorough history, examination, and additional assessment strategies
  • Help an inter-professional team deliver patient-centred care
  • Perform patient screening as applicable to the patient population
  • Design and implement evidence-based practice standards, clinical pathways, guidelines, policies and protocols through application of research, clinical expertise, and patient input that meet ethical, legal, and professional criteria

Make a Difference

  • Provide expert consultation to planning groups, health institutions, community groups, policy makers, leaders, and educational institutions
  • Create solutions for complex health care issues, improve service delivery, and patient outcomes
  • Teach and provide expert knowledge, guidance, and mentorship to students and other health care workers
  • Strengthen the link between research and clinical practice by facilitating others’ understanding, application, and utilization

Work Collaboratively

  • Although not typically at the bedside, clinical nurse specialist are often in contact with those who are, such as registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, physicians, health care aides, and other healthcare practitioners
  • Use a patient-focused care model that involves patients, families, and caregivers
  • Work with internal and external partners

Grow Your Career

  • Education and teaching
  • Research
  • Healthcare leadership & management
  • Health system administration