Licensed Practical Nurse

Aiding in healing

Licensed practical nurses (also known as LPNs) are professional nurses who contribute to the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of patient care at AHS.

They provide many types of patient care, including prevention, acute treatment, long term and palliative care.

There are numerous LPN positions in AHS, with additional opportunities being created as the profession continues to grow.

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$27.58 to $36.13 per hour

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Practical nursing diploma


  • Provide a variety of nursing services within a defined scope of practice
  • Assess, monitor, and document patient symptoms, reactions and progress
  • Take and record vital signs
  • Collect various samples
  • Administer medications and injections
  • Dress wounds
  • Provide education to patients and families
  • Assist physicians during procedures

Work Collaboratively

  • Work with patients and families and other frontline members of the health care team, including: licensed practical nurses, registered nurses, physicians, health care aides, therapists, technologists, and administrative staff and managers
  • Work in Corrections Health and collaborate with healthcare professionals and correctional centre authorities

Make a Difference

  • Provide high-quality treatment and care to Albertans
  • Uphold AHS’ commitment to patient- and family-centred care
  • Educate and provide information to patients, families, and caregivers
  • Advocate for patient needs and take appropriate action to ensure the safety and well-being of those in their care
  • Monitor patients’ progress and reactions to treatment, sharing information with the health care team

Grow Your Career

  • Advanced training in specialty nursing areas such as: orthopedics, dialysis, immunization, and operating room
  • Opportunities exist for clinical, addictions and mental health practice with support from clinical experts in a multidisciplinary team environment
  • Teaching and training other nurses and health care professionals
  • Healthcare leadership and management
  • Health system administration

Additional Information

To learn more about a career as a licensed practical nurse in our province visit Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS).