Exercise Specialist


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Exercise specialists work with people of all ages, in both healthy populations as well as individuals and families who are challenged by musculoskeletal limitations and cardiovascular, pulmonary, neuromuscular and metabolic diseases.

They assess clients’ fitness and develop, implement, and maintain exercise programs tailored to client needs and fitness goals.

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$41.12 - $54.61 per hour

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Kinesiology, physical education or exercise physiology degree


  • Develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate exercise programs
  • Ensure an evidence-based, client centered, exercise plan in accordance with industry standards of practice
  • Requires familiarity with equipment such as metabolic carts, electrocardiographs and biofeedback machines
  • Educate individuals about healthy lifestyles and teach self-management skills to control health conditions and enhance quality of life

Make a Difference

  • Create customized, evidence-based exercise programs tailored to clients' needs and goals
  • Help patients/clients increase abilities, maintain independence, and enhance quality of life
  • Teach self-management skills to control health conditions
  • Educate individuals about healthy lifestyles
  • Gather data and collaborate with research institutes to advance fitness research

Work Collaboratively

  • Work directly with patients/clients
  • Exercise specialists work both independently and within an interdisciplinary team including kinesiology students, therapists, rehabilitative specialists, and other healthcare professionals
  • Work in a variety of locations, including hospitals and health facilities, and collaborate with community partners

Grow Your Career

  • Teaching, coaching, or mentoring other exercise specialists
  • Additional training/education
  • Healthcare leadership and management
  • Health system administration

Additional Information

To learn more about a career as an exercise specialist in our province visit Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS).