Registered Dietitian

Food is life

Registered dietitians help people better understand how food shapes and enriches their lives by partnering with them to understand their needs, concerns, and goals.

Embedded in programs and services across the organization, dietitians work with individuals, families, groups, and organizations to provide nutrition expertise which helps Albertans enjoy good health, prevent and manage chronic disease and malnutrition, and enhance recovery.

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$39.48 - $54.61 per hour

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Bachelor of science with a major in foods and nutrition

Dietetic internship


  • Assess patient’s nutrition status, identify nutrition diagnoses, and recommend interventions
  • Develop goals with patients and monitor progress
  • Provide nutrition counselling, deliver group nutrition education, and facilitate modified foods or nutrition by tube feed or intravenous
  • Advocate for health equity and address food insecurity for patients and populations
  • Promote policy and access to healthy food in childcare facilities, schools, workplaces and communities
  • Mentor students and share expert knowledge with health care professionals and partners

Make a Difference

  • Recognize and respect how customs, traditions, passions, circumstances, relationships, and social determinants of health influence what people eat
  • Empower and supports patients and families to achieve their health goals
  • Embrace challenges and collaborate with others to solve nutrition-related problems, from the individual to the system level
  • Lead scientific advancements through nutrition focused research and innovation

Work Collaboratively

  • Partner with patients, healthcare team members, community groups, universities, patient food services, and other health organizations
  • Work in a variety of settings across the continuum of care, including; hospitals, specialty clinics, continuing care, chronic disease management programs, rehabilitation, primary care, public health centres, and communities
  • Work together to develop evidence-based guidelines, patient handouts, and nutrition practice support tools

Grow Your Career

  • Diverse and flexible work options
  • Specialize in cardiology, critical care, diabetes, Indigenous health, mental health, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, pediatrics, neonatal ICU, renal, and surgery
  • Dietitian II (practice lead, team lead, program lead)
  • Population public health leadership
  • Healthcare leadership and management
  • Food service management
  • Research and evaluation lead

Dietitian team

Out-of-Province Applicants

Please contact the College of Dietitians of Alberta for more information on registering to practice within Alberta.

Additional Information

Meet our dietitians and get a sneak peek into their work at Alberta Health Services.

To learn more about a career as a Registered Dietitian in our province visit Alberta Learning Information Services (ALIS) or the University of Alberta's Dietetics Specialization Program.