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Making an Impact

Hope // January 2019

With the recent launch of the Early Hearing Detection Intervention (EHDI) Program across Alberta, audiologists are... Read more

HELP team

AHS Celebrates DEAM

Christy Weis // November 2018

Every October, Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) is recognized in growing numbers throughout the world... Read more

Travel Nurse

Giving Back as a Travel Nurse

Arlene // September 2018

There is lots to learn and experience working in a smaller area. If you’re interested in the Locum Program, try it! The... Read more


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EEG Technologists

An electrifying career awaits. Sharon and Dalia describe their careers in electroneurophysiology and work...


Hope specializes in diagnosing hearing loss and supporting intervention as early as possible...

Travel Nurse

Choose your own adventure! A placement as a Travel Nurse is an exciting opportunity to explore northern Alberta...


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Upstream from Edmonton, the North Saskatchewan River curls around the Town of Devon’s northern boundary, and the... Read more

Bow Island

Bow Island

Driving through southern Alberta, you will pass through a diverse landscape of ever-changing scenery. As you approach the... Read more



As the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway made its way across the prairies in 1907, it was met with the challenge of crossing... Read more


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