High Level

High Level

Photos courtesy of Town of High Level.


730 km to Edmonton

Key Industries

Agriculture, forestry, oil & gas and tourism


Approximately 3,600 residents


Kindergarten to grade 12

Tucked away in the northwest reaches of the province, the Town of High Level is a secluded haven on the edge of untamed wilderness. Hikers, campers, fisherman, and photographers love the easy access to the natural world, with a variety of wildlife flourishing nearby. From moose, deer, bear, and geese to wolves, coyotes and ravens, the area teems with life.

The youthful, energetic community has much to offer for a growing family. Residents enjoy access to schools for all ages, parks, and community recreation facilities, including a skate park and indoor swimming pool. The public library offers programs for both kids and adults, and community sports leagues abound for both young and young-at-heart.

From crafting to canoeing and snowmobiling to softball, there’s plenty of ways to connect with like-minded people. You can also take part in High Level’s yearly highlights like the annual fair and rodeo, Canada Day or Heritage Day Celebrations.

Stop into the McKenzie Crossroads Museum and Cultural Centre for a peek into the region’s storied past. The local area holds the distinction of being the oldest European settlement in Alberta. From First Nations, to fur trappers and traders, to the boom of the riverboat era, High Level’s area is rich in history and culture.

Learn more about living and working in High Level and Mackenzie County through the town and county websites.


The Northwest Health Centre, located in High Level, is a hub for health care in the area. It is a modern, up-to-date hospital that provides a range of health services to the community. The 21-bed facility provides 24-hour emergency, addictions and mental health, laboratory, public health, palliative care, community health, x-ray, and community nutrition services. The variety in work attracts people who want a chance to practice in a range of departments.

The facility also uses telecommunications technology to connect patients with specialists out-of-town and keep staff well-informed of new developments in public health. This technology improves access to medical services that often would not be available on a consistent basis in northern rural communities. There’s a strong sense of a community within a community at the Northwest Health Centre. High Level’s highly collaborative, interdisciplinary team is focused on providing the best care for patients and their families. Regular interdisciplinary meetings facilitate teamwork and enable staff to know their teammates personally and professionally.

High Level staff receive a high level of support for additional education, learning, and development, and recently received training for a local breastfeeding clinic in maternal and child health. Certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support (ACLS), Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS), and ongoing quality and patient safety training enhance the level of service on an ongoing basis.

In addition to competitive wages and benefits, employees accepting a position here are eligible for up to an additional $6,300 annually through the Northern Incentives Program for the role they play in enhancing the long-term health of local residents.

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