Consort and Coronation


Photos courtesy of County of Paintearth and Consort


Named in honour of King George V’s coronation day in 1911, the Town of Coronation sprang up seemingly overnight – an “instant town.” As the Canadian railroad charted its way across the prairies, 24 blocks of land were sold to support a new railway stop. People from the nearby town of Haneyville simply followed the railroad, relocating their homes and buildings in the hope that the new town of Coronation would become a bustling hub on the western frontier.

Coronation’s history has helped shape the town’s present day character as a quiet, family-oriented agricultural town that is proudly self-sufficient. The main industries include farming, ranching, and oil and gas. The town’s history is captured in large murals across various buildings, which stand alongside houses, shops and public buildings dating back to Coronation’s early days.

Coronation is located in east-central Alberta, about 262 kilometres from Edmonton and 174 kilometres from Red Deer. The town’s 950 residents enjoy the wide range of local sports at nearby facilities for hockey and skating, curling, soccer and baseball diamonds. There’s also an outdoor pool, a gym and rec centre, bowling alley, 9-hole golf course, and ski hill nearby. Take in annual events like the fair and horse show, farmer’s market, rodeo, chuck wagons, or bull-o-rama. The trails and lakes at nearby Burma Park, Huber Dam, and Big Knife Provincial Park offer opportunity to enjoy the outdoors.


Consort is all about country living. This small community, like its neighbor Coronation, owes its existence to the expansion of the Canadian railroad. This quiet community brings the best of rural living, in a safe, family-friendly environment.

Located approximately 250 kilometres east of Edmonton and Calgary, this village of approximately 720 residents is located in east-central Alberta, just 60 kilometres from the Saskatchewan border. It is primarily a farming and ranching community, with a very active oil and gas industry as well.

Consort is a vibrant, rural community, with friendly people and a lower cost of living than major centres. It’s a great place to raise a family, with amenities available that include a local Kindergarten to Grade 12 school, adult learning centre, and public library, with variety of arts and cultural clubs and activities. Also known as the “Village of Opportunity,” Consort has plenty of trails nearby to enjoy your favorite outdoor activity, while the Consort Sportex provides space for hockey, family skating, swimming lessons, and more.

Visit the Town of Coronation or Consort for more information. The County of Paintearth is also a useful resource to get to know the surrounding region.


The Coronation Hospital and Care Centre provides 24-hour emergency and acute care, continuing care services and counseling, diagnostic imaging, laboratory and x-ray services, as well as physical and occupational therapy, pharmacy, and speech language pathology. The Coronation Community Health Centre serves as a base for a variety of public health programs, including home care, immunization, and family-focused services for mothers, babies, and young children.

Housed within the Consort Health Centre is a modern Hospital and Care Centre as well as physician clinics. Services include emergency care, community support beds, continuing care, laboratory and x-ray services. Additional programs, such as home care, mental health services, occupational therapy, respiratory therapy, as well as prenatal, child and adolescent resources help the community stay healthy through all stages of life.

The small-town atmosphere in Coronation and Consort makes for a highly collaborative team of health-care professionals, and provides caregivers the opportunity to get to know their colleagues, patients, and families on a more personal level.

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