EMS in the Edmonton Zone

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EMS: Saving Lives, Improving Care

EMS activity in the Edmonton Zone:

Responding to over 198,000 events annually within the Edmonton Zone, the first priority for Alberta Health Services (AHS) Emergency Medical Services (EMS) is to provide safe, quality, and timely patient care.

AHS EMS currently has 31 Ambulance Stations that serve Edmonton Zone communities, and Edmonton Zone EMS has approximately 400 Advanced Care Paramedics, 600 Primary Care Paramedics and 25 Emergency Medical Responders.

Edmonton Zone EMS has multiple Specialty Teams including:

  • Incident Response Paramedics (IRP)
  • Tactical EMS (TEMS)
  • Public Safety Unit (PSU)
  • Rapid Access Paramedics (RAP) who use bicycles

Edmonton Zone’s Mobile Integrated Health division includes Community Paramedics that provide safe, timely, mobile medical care in the community and may attend to a patient at their home. Community Paramedics are specially trained to provide short-term treatment for low-acuity illnesses, under the medical direction of Physicians and Nurse Practitioners.

Specialized Vehicles:

Edmonton Zone deploys a variety of emergency response vehicles:

  • A Paramedic Response Unit (PRU) is a single member practitioner in an SUV that provides rapid response capabilities.
  • Edmonton Zone uses Canada’s first Stroke Ambulance, which can bring hospital-level care to rural patients suspected to be suffering from a stroke.
  • Edmonton Zone EMS has the only Multi-Patient vehicle (MPV) that can be utilized for Mass Casualty Incidents and hold up to 18 Patients at one time. This bus is operated by the IRP Team.

EMS Stations:

Northwest EMS Station: 13435 – 149 Street

Pylypow EMS Station: 5535 – 50 Street