EMS in the Edmonton Zone

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EMS: Saving Lives, Improving Care

EMS activity in the Edmonton Zone:

Responding to over 157,000 events annually within the Edmonton Zone, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Alberta Health Services (AHS) first priority remains unchanged: to provide safe, quality, and timely patient care.

  • In January, a large EMS station allowing 25-30 ambulances to start from a central location was opened along 50th Street.
  • Edmonton Zone EMS is working on an enhanced public and client feedback process to be in place by fall 2014.
  • Two new EMS stations – one in the west end neighbourhood of Callingwood, the other on the east side, in Abbotsfield – are expected to open by fall 2014.
  • AHS EMS continues to work with community partners such as the City of Edmonton to re-locate the two downtown EMS stations.
  • Edmonton Zone EMS finalized an agreement with the County of Parkland and the Town of Stony Plain to begin the development of their new EMS deployment and start location west of the city.
  • Metro Edmonton has added two peak load ambulances 12-hours a day to improve service delivery.
  • Edmonton Zone EMS’ Palliative Client Pathway just celebrated its first birthday. More than 100 palliative care patients received care in the dignity of their own homes, thanks to this innovative partnership between Continuing Care and EMS staff.