Your EMS

More than 5,600 EMS professionals work together to ensure Albertans receive the best EMS care possible, every day, in every community across the province.

Your EMS is a behind the scenes look at the men and women who provide this care, as well as the equipment, tools and programs used to help ensure you get the right care, in the right place at the right time.

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Your EMS – Andrea Cancilla

Andrea Cancilla inspires others to follow their dreams, including 11-year-old Toby who suffered a stroke, resulting in speech challenges like Andrea's. #YourEMS

Your EMS – Raj Dattani

Rajnikant ‘Raj’ Dattani has spent 41 years on the job in Calgary, after coming to Canada in 1972 as a refugee from Uganda. Find out why he's stayed with his profession for so long and why he still loves his job. #YourEMS

Your EMS – Sheena Frigon

There’s more to providing #YourEMS care in the community than just bandages and medication. Sheena Frigon’s passion for caring involves a little of Santa’s magic as well.

Your EMS – Stephen Hilchie

Stephen Hilchie says there’s rarely a dull moment providing care for #YourEMS in the Central Zone.