OIL (Oilers Interactive Learning) Centre

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

About the Centre

The GRH OIL (Oilers Interactive Learning) Centre, funded in part by the Oiler’s Community Foundation and the GRH Foundation, features state-of-the-art digital, interactive and electronic gaming activities, many of which have been developed in-house at the Glenrose through collaborations with NAIT and the University of Alberta.

Features of the Centre

The OIL Centre offers the following interactive and electronic gaming activities:

  • A robotics station that focuses on both fine and gross motor skills, allowing patients to build and design their own robots and program them to perform simple tasks.
  • A ReTouch table where games are focused on delivering a therapy experience in an exciting way, keeping children of all ages and abilities more engaged.
  • The ReJoyce (Rehabilitation Joystick for Computer Exercise), an innovative, spring-loaded arm holding attachments that simulate activities of daily living, like driving, catching, pick-and-place and target-shooting to help motivate patients to perform normal activities of daily living while gradually increasing the difficulty levels.
  • Glenrose Hockey Nation, a unique game designed and built through our partnership and collaboration with NAIT. The game tracks a patient’s movements in 3D space. It is one of the first games to use the seated mode feature of the Kinect allowing patients to interact with and play the game from either a standing or seated position.

Contact Us

Michael Cimolini
Technology Service Lead
Glenrose Rehabilitation Research, Innovation & Technology (GRRIT)
Email:  michael.cimolini@ahs.ca