Reflection & Renewal Centre

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

A Peaceful Space

The Reflection and Renewal Centre is a peaceful space intended to be shared by all patients, families, staff, and visitors for purposes of meditation, prayer, solitude, and quiet reflection. The Centre welcomes people of all faiths to bring spirituality, as well as soothing connection with light and nature into their healthcare journey. Located on Level 0, Room 0114 of the GlenWest building, the Centre is accessible 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Things to know about the Reflection and Renewal Centre:

  • There may be someone in the room when you enter; please respect their presence.
  • When standing in the room, you face North when facing the door. The floorboards run East/West.
  • The Ablution Room within the Reflection & Renewal Centre is for cleansing before certain rituals. If the door is closed, please knock.
  • A Bluetooth speaker is available if you wish to play some soft background music. On your iPhone/iPad, under Settings, turn on your Bluetooth. Under My Devices, choose Pyle. It will ask you for a PIN. Enter the number 0000.
  • The centre is furnished comfortably for meditation or prayer purposes.
  • Refrain from eating or making phone calls.

GRH Reflection & Renewal Centre

Hallway view of the GRH Reflection & Renewal Centre