Chadi Centre for Pediatric Rehabilitation

Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital

The Chadi Centre for Pediatric Rehabilitation became a reality when the former pediatric rehabilitation space located in the Glen East building of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital was completely renovated in 2020. The renovation was made possible through generous donations from Mr. Sine Chadi, lead donor, and several other charitable donors.

The space now features state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment, children’s strength training equipment, a pediatric gym and a splinting and casting room. The child-friendly rooms were designed to provide a comfortable, safe space, that feature bright colors and funny characters that provide distraction from uncomfortable procedures. Most of the equipment in the Chadi Centre supports a new treatment program for children called Resistance Training Intensive (RTI). It is the first of its kind in Canada that focuses on improving muscle power and strength by using a treadmill and resistance. Pediatric physical therapists can now incorporate innovative approaches in delivering therapy through the use of toys and equipment to help children achieve their goals

Pediatric Gym in Chadi Centre

Strength training equipment in the pediatric gym of the Chadi Centre Treatment Space

Chadi Centre Treatment Space

Mobilization treatment tables for physical therapy in the Chadi Centre Treatment Space

Parallel Bars in The Gym

Adjustable parallel bars used for rehabilitation in the Chadi Centre Treatment Space

Chadi Centre Donor Wall

Chadi Centre Donor Wall