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Immunization Clinic Finder Help

Get Immunized

Influenza immunization is recommended for all Albertans six months of age and older. It is important to get immunized every year and as early in the influenza season as possible to be fully protected against the influenza viruses that are currently circulating.

When Visiting an Immunization Clinic

  • wear a short sleeve shirt
  • bring your Alberta Health Care card

More Information

For questions about influenza immunization, to determine eligibility for pneumococcal vaccine, or for health advice and information, call Health Link 24/7 by dialling 811 or visit

Information about influenza and the vaccine is also available at

Search for Immunization Clinics

Clinic Schedules

To view influenza clinics in your area, visit:
Immunization Clinic Finder

1. Select a Date

  • The current date will be preselected.
  • You can change the start date by clicking the field and selecting or typing in a different date (you will not be able to choose a date in the past)
  • Enter a city or town ("Search by Location") or a postal code to check if clinics are available from this date onward

2. Select Your Area

Search for clinics by either selecting a town or city or entering a postal code.

  • Search by Location: Start entering a city or town name nearest to you, and select the name from the drop down list. If you are unable to find your city or town, use the postal code search to display all clinics in your area.
  • Postal Code: Enter a postal code to search for the nearest clinics. You can change the size of the search area by adjusting the distance.

Note: The lookup postal code website does not work in Internet Explorer 8 or lower. View using IE 9 or higher, Chrome or Firefox.

3. Select a Clinic

  • Select Clinic Name: To search for clinics offered at a specific location, select a city or town (Search by Location) or enter a postal code, and then choose a clinic from the "Select Clinic Name" drop down list. The clinics offered at that location will display first, followed by other clinics in the area.
Viewing Search Results

Search Results

The “Map" and "List" views will display clinic names, addresses, dates, hours, access (pre-book appointment or drop-in), and eligibility/age group when clinics are scheduled for the start date and area selected.

  • Searches by location will be sorted by the closest location to that city or town
  • Searches by postal code will be sorted by the closest location to that postal code. You may increase the distance if no scheduled clinics are found.

Clinic Access

  • Clinics accepting pre-booked appointments will display a phone number
  • Drop-in clinics are open for unscheduled influenza immunizations

Narrow Your Search

  • Search for a clinic with a specific eligibility/age group and/or clinic access type by selecting them under "Narrow Your Search" on the start page
  • If you are an AHS staff member, select if you wish to view staff and/or public clinics
  • Scheduled clinics will display from the selected date forward and will be sorted by the closest location