Immunization Business Unit (IBU) – For Healthcare Students

About the Clinic

The IBU is a Specialty Immunization Clinic that provides assessment and immunization to health care students in the Edmonton Zone and surrounding areas.

Public Health Clinics in the Edmonton area do not provide this service.

See Sheldon M. Chumir Immunization Clinic - For Health Care Students for information on similar services for Calgary and surrounding areas.

Finding Us

The IBU is located on the 4th floor of Alberta Health Services Seventh Street Plaza. (google map, hours, phone #)

Parking: there is a pay for parking lot across the street or pay meter street parking.

Getting here by bus / LRT: visit Edmonton Transit.

Getting Started

Health care students must complete the following steps, in order to be seen at this clinic:

  1. Read the health care student/worker vaccination checklist
  2. Complete the health care student/worker referral form and ensure all fields are completed.
  3. Fax or email the completed referral form to the numbers/email indicated on the form. Attach to this fax/email a copy of your immunization records.
  4. Do not call the clinic. Once a nurse has reviewed all of your information, you will receive an email inviting you to make an appointment for immunization.

For more information view our service listing Immunization Business Unit

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there weekend and evening appointments available?

The clinic is open Saturdays, and Tuesday and Thursday evenings. To view hours at our different locations view our service listing.

How long will my appointments take at the clinic?

Arrive at the Clinic 15 minutes before your appointment time. This allows us to process you at the clinic, before your appointment.

The length of your appointment will vary according to the number of immunization you will be receiving. Appointments lengths are between 10 and 30 minutes.

It is recommended to wait at the clinic for 15 minutes after receiving vaccine.

What happens if I am late for my scheduled appointment?

If you arrive late for your scheduled appointment, it may not be possible to see you and your appointment may need to be rescheduled.                             

Does the clinic take drop-in patients?

No, students are seen on an appointment only basis.  Drop-in students are not accepted.

Records and Assessment Questions

Why do I need an assessment?

Assessments are needed to determine which immunizations/services you require prior to beginning your program.

Once we have received your referral form and immunization records, they will be reviewed according to the Alberta Health Services guidelines for health care students to determine which immunizations and services you require prior to beginning your program. You will then receive an email inviting you to make an appointment at the clinic.

How many appointments will I need to complete all my immunizations?

This varies based on your medical and immunization history.  Most students will require four appointments over 6 months.

Where do I find my immunization records?

Ask your parents if they have a copy of your childhood record (your baby book)

Check with the Local Public Health Office where you grew up and/or attended school.

Edmonton: Immunization Records contact number: 780-413-7985

Calgary Airdrie & Cochrane: Immunization Records contact number: 403-214-3641

In Alberta: contact Health Link at 811 or the local Public Health Centre where you were vaccinated as a child and/or attended school.

Outside the Province of Alberta: The Canadian Coalition for Immunization Awareness has contact information for all health authorities for every province and territory in Canada.

Check with your Family doctor to see if he/she has records

Check with Occupational Health & Safety department of previous employer

Check previous post-secondary institution

I know I had all my immunizations before but am not able to get my records so why do I need to get them all over again?

Health care students are considered a high-risk group for both contracting vaccine preventable diseases as well as spreading vaccine preventable diseases to patients under their care. Providing us with your immunization records will help us determine if you need further immunizations.  If you are unable to obtain the records, a vaccine series may be recommended for protection and long term immunity.  There is no harm in repeating a vaccine series.

Why are you not able to find my immunization records for me?

Immunization records are confidential and private.  These need to be requested by you so it is your responsibility to obtain your own immunization records.  Once we have received all your documents we will be able to complete a proper assessment to determine which vaccines you may need.

Can I start my program without the immunizations that my school is requiring?

This is determined by your school.

Questions about TB Testing

What is a Tuberculosis (TB) skin test?

A Tuberculosis (TB) skin test, also known as a Mantoux test or PPD, is done to see if you have been infected with Tuberculosis (TB) in the past. A positive Mantoux test may indicate that you have TB bacteria in your body that you may not be aware of. Though this is not likely to cause immediate harm, it could potentially be harmful in the future.

Tuberculosis (TB) learn more (

How many appointments will I need?

A TB skin test requires two appointments, spaced 48 to 72 hours apart. In the first appointment, a small amount of solution is injected under the top layer of skin on your arm. At the second appointment, a nurse checks to see if there has been a skin reaction to that solution.