Alberta Municipal Alcohol Policy Project

Most Albertans who drink alcohol, do so moderately.  However, when alcohol is misused it can cause considerable harm including dependence, physical and mental health problems, chronic disease and injuries. There is extensive evidence that shows reducing alcohol availability contributes to a reduction in alcohol-related health and social harm.

The Alberta Alcohol Strategy outlines six priorities to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm. One includes fostering the development of alcohol policies by supporting local government to address alcohol related issues in public spaces and to manage concerns related to location, density or operation of licensed premises. To address this priority Alberta Health Services’ Provincial Addiction Prevention team developed and implemented the Alberta Municipal Alcohol Policy Project (AMAPP).

The goal of AMAPP is to promote moderate alcohol consumption and create awareness about the impact municipal alcohol policy can have on reducing alcohol-related harm.

The priority audiences for AMAPP include municipal leaders and staff, AHS staff, as well as Community Drug Coalitions and other community groups as they have a role in reducing alcohol availability through policy.

Resources associated with AMAPP to date: