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Building Municipal Alcohol Policy

Alberta municipalities are both committed, and well-positioned, to create vibrant communities where Albertans can thrive. Evidence shows that through the development of preventative alcohol policies, municipalities can realize a host of benefits.

Municipalities across Canada are taking steps to improve the well-being of their citizens and communities through alcohol policy development.

Resources have been made available to:

  1. Create awareness about the effectiveness of municipal alcohol policy as a key tool to reduce alcohol-related harm, and the alcohol policy options that are under municipal jurisdiction in Alberta.
  2. Increase the number of, or effectiveness of existing, municipal alcohol policies in Alberta
  3. Promote safer alcohol consumption in Alberta
  4. Reduce alcohol-related harm in Alberta municipalities

Alcohol Policy for Community Safety, Vibrancy, Health and Well-Being

A Practical Guide for Alberta Municipalities

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Need Help?

We can:

  • introduce you to the content of the guide
  • answer questions relevant to your municipality's interest or readiness for this type of policy work
  • outline a book club and initial local consult process for determining how best to move forward
  • connect you with other municipalities working to reduce alcohol-related harms

Support is available throughout the year to Alberta municipalities of all sizes.

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