AHS Parking App

Provincial Parking

AHS has launched a new parking app at sites across the province which will make paying for parking easier for all our visitors, patients and public.

Drivers can download the free AHS Parking app from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

The AHS Parking app allows visitors and patients to pay for AHS parking using their mobile devices, receive alerts when their parking time is about to expire and extend their parking without running back to feed the meter.

AHS developed this app in response to visitors and patients, who told us they wanted a more convenient way to pay for parking at our sites, especially in the cold winter months and when they are unsure how long their hospital visit may last.

The zone parking codes where the AHS Parking app is available are as follows:

  • Alberta Children Hospital (Calgary): 6013
  • Foothills Medical Centre (Calgary): 6010
  • Peter Lougheed Centre (Calgary): 6012
  • Richmond Road (Calgary):  6011
  • Southport Centre (Calgary): 6014
  • Red Deer Regional Health Centre:
    • 6482 - Underground
    • 6483 - Parkade/Surface

E-mail provincialparking@ahs.ca for any questions.