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Information for Albertans

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In Alberta, under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, physiotherapy is not an insured service. Albertans can choose to pay out of pocket or use third-party benefits to access the physiotherapy service provider of their choice.

Alberta Health Services (AHS) offers funded physiotherapy services for adults and children with specific physical concerns to help improve their function, better understand their condition and learn what they can do to be healthy and independent.

AHS-funded physiotherapy services are provided virtually or in-person through AHS facilities (outpatient) or community clinics who have contracts with AHS.

Here’s how to access services for each concern:

Recent Fractures, Orthopedic Surgeries or Hip/Knee Replacements

What Do I Need to Know?

You can book an appointment with a clinic in our directory, if the fracture or surgery has happened within the last 12 weeks. No referral needed.

Patients who have been instructed by a physician or surgeon to begin physiotherapy after 12 weeks are encouraged to speak with the clinic about eligibility.

Note: Physiotherapy for hip or knee replacements may be offered in a group.

What Next?

Step 1: Find a clinic in our Adult Community Rehabilitation Directory or in our Pediatric Rehabilitation Directory

Step 2: Call to book an appointment.

Learn More

You can learn more by visiting ahs.ca/rehab.

General Joint or Muscle Conditions or Injuries

What Do I Need to Know?

For general joint or muscle conditions or injuries, low-income Albertans may be eligible for virtual or in-person services provided in an AHS facility or through a community clinic that has a contract with AHS. Albertans who do not qualify for low income services can choose to pay out of pocket or use third-party benefits to access the physiotherapy service provider of their choice.

The Rehabilitation Advice Line (RAL) can assess you over the phone, give advice to help with your general joint or muscle condition or injury (sprain or strain) and help you find services. 

RAL is NOT able to:

What Next?

Step 1: Speak to a professional for rehabilitation advice, call RAL (hours of operation)

Low-Income Eligibility

As an Albertan you may be eligible for in-person or virtual services, if you are currently receiving income from:

  • Alberta Adult and/or Child Health Benefit
  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH)
  • Alberta Seniors Dental & Optical Assistance Program
  • Alberta Works Income Support
  • Alberta Seniors Benefit
  • Canada Revenue Agency GST Credit
  • Federal Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) for Seniors
  • Special Needs Assistance for Seniors (Alberta).

You may be eligible based on your Notice of Assessment from Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) and family size. When you call RAL, be prepared to provide:

  • Yours and your spouse/common law partner’s most recent Notice of Assessment (line 26000) from CRA. You would have received a copy of this following your annual tax return.
  • The number of members in your family (family size). This includes yourself, spouse/common-law partner and any child living with you who is under the age of 18 or is financially dependent due to a physical or mental condition. View Outpatient & Community Physiotherapy Services - Low Income Cutoff Information.