The Centre for Childhood Cancer

New cures and better care for children and families fighting cancer

The mission of the Centre for Childhood Cancer (CCC) is to bring paediatric cancer care at the Alberta Children's Hospital to the next level.

The CCC is ready to find new cures and provide better care for children and families fighting cancer. The centre is designed to enhance and integrate all aspects of cancer care—clinical, research and educational—at the Alberta Children's Hospital. The goal is to create a seamless integration of all aspects of cancer care across the continuum, from discovery to translation to family-centred care delivery, and to have these components work together to continuously improve cancer care at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

The Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation is raising funds with support from the community to ensure the CCC achieves its vision. A five-year strategic plan has been created and is now being implemented, which is due to be completed in March 2014.

The Continuum of Care - From Bench to Bedside to Backyard

The CCC reflects the overlapping interests and complementary capacities of the principle partners. While each of these organizations has discrete responsibilities for the provision of quality health services, education and/or research, they share the common goal of creating a healthy future for individuals and communities.

graph of continuum of care

The CCC is building on each of the components, and bridging the gaps between them. Through unprecedented collaboration between researchers, clinicians, allied health professionals, and patients and families, the CCC is forming an integrated “continuum of care,” fusing together discovery, translation and family-centred care delivery:

  • Discovery: Research in the basic sciences, clinical services and social sciences.
  • Translation: The application of research and education to influence clinical care, and the application of clinical experience to influence research and education.
  • Family-centred care delivery: Quality health care delivery that recognizes the uniqueness of each family and their expertise in the needs and abilities of the child.

From the bench to the bedside to the backyard, the CCC will integrate and improve cancer care at all stages.

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In true collaborative spirit, AHS partners from across the continuum of care are involved in making the CCC’s vision a reality.