Working Together

The CoACT program helps patients, families and care providers communicate and work together. We know we achieve better outcomes when we all work as a team. Currently, half of all patients admitted to AHS hospitals experience a more collaborative form of care through CoACT.

Patients and families experience:

  • A clearer understanding of who is providing care and knowledge of the different roles involved in care.
  • Whiteboards at the bedside to track their care team, the plan for the day, and record questions.
  • The ability to participate in a short meeting between their care providers when there is a shift change. This will happen at the bedside (if the patient consents) so patients and family members can contribute.
  • Scheduled check-ins by care providers so patient needs are addressed in a timely manner.
  • Smooth transitions when moving from one place to another because of handover meetings between the two care teams, within the hospital and/or community settings.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback to improve the quality of care on the unit.

Information for Patients & Families

Bedside Shift Report

During shift changes, a short meeting may be held at your bedside. This is a quick update between incoming and outgoing nurses about your care. You and your family are encouraged to contribute.

The bedside shift report gives you and your family the opportunity to be involved. You will be asked if it is okay to have this meeting at your bedside. If you are not comfortable, or only want certain information shared in front of others, we will respect your decision. You can opt out of bedside shift reports at any time.

Bedside Whiteboards

This whiteboard near your bed is a communication tool between you, your family and your care providers. The whiteboard is designed to include information about your care, such as: the date, your care team's names, scheduled appointments, and tests. Feel free to use the whiteboard to share things on the whiteboard. This board is yours to use. You may want to include comments or questions for your care team.

Comfort Rounds

Your care team will check in on you regularly throughout the day and night. These check-ins are designed to help you in areas such as pain management, overall comfort, and safety. This could include pain assessment, personal needs (such as help to the washroom), repositioning, and making sure you have what you need within reach such as a book or glass of water.


(Name, Occupation, Duty) Introductions

When members of your care team enter your room, they will introduce themselves with their name, their role, and what they will be helping you with. For example: "Hello. My name is Thane. I'm a Health Care Aide and I am here to help you with your meal tray this morning."


Your care team will provide you and/or your family with basic information about the unit and hospital when you are admitted. For example, where the kitchen is, safety information and visiting hours. This may be in the form of a booklet, poster, or brochure and is yours to keep.

Quality Boards

On your unit, a visual board will be on display. This board shows information (numbers, graphs, pictures) to illustrate how the unit is doing delivering care. Our commitment is to be accountable to patients and families; the board demonstrates our work and how we strive for excellence and safety every day.

RAPID Rounds

Your care team, including physicians and other professionals (for example, physiotherapists, dietitians, social workers) meet every morning away from the bedside to discuss patient care and concerns.

If you have a concern or question about your care that you would like to share with your care team, please let your nurses know.

What People Say

What patients have to say about receiving care on a CoACT unit:

"I really like being included in the conversation... It's a great way to keep everyone in the know."
Patient, South Health Campus, Calgary Zone

"I like that the staff here keeps us informed and updates the whiteboards daily. We think it is a great tool."
Family member, Calgary Zone

"The team does great work here. I've never felt so good being sick."
Patient, University of Alberta Hospital, Edmonton Zone

Contact Information

For more information on CoACT, please email: